Advisory Board

Photo courtesy of Lori Faith Merritt

Photo courtesy of Lori Faith Merritt

Anna Twinney
Anna Twinney is a Natural Horsemanship Trainer, certified Reiki Master and animal communicator. Since being discovered by world-renowned Horse Whisperer “Monty Roberts”, Anna became the only person ever to be entrusted with the title of Head Instructor at the Monty Roberts International Learning Center in California. As the founder of the Reach Out to Horses┬« program based in Golden, Colorado her expertise is sought by equestrian centers, trainers, managers, breeders, sanctuaries, therapists and amateurs alike. Anna travels world-wide conducting classes and clinics to educate people & horses on gentle communication techniques while showing them how to have a true trust-based relationship. Anna has been featured on Martha Stewart’s “Living” TV show and in a BBC documentary, she also writes for national & international equine magazines. Anna brings a wealth of knowledge to her clinics – drawing upon a life-time of equine experience, and a decade of coaching thousands of international students. Anna is unique in her field as she solely works in the horses’ own language. She is not only one of the world’s leading teachers, but her interest in the “Language of Equus” has led her to focus increasingly on the power of animal communication to strengthen and deepen our relationships with all species. Her DVD series “Reach Out to Natural Horsemanship” launched on Horse TV January 2007.

Dr. Simon Escalada DVM
Dr. Simon Escalada graduated from Colorado State University in 1973. Born in Nogales Arizona, Dr. Escalada has been practicing large and small animal veterinary care for over 35 years. He owns and runs his own practice helping small animals in Nogales, AZ and travels long distances to treat our equine friends.

Dr. Escalada has been working with Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary since 2004.

Donald Large, Attorney

Donald Large – Attorney
Donald Large is a Professor of Law at the University of Arizona College of Law, and Lewis & Clark Law School in Portland, Or. He is the author of three books and numerous articles on land use, real estate, water rights and environmental law. He was one of the first environmental lawyers in the late 1960’s, representing the Sierra Club in cases in the United States Supreme Court and several Circuit Courts. He also served in the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps, and participated as a prosecutor in one of the celebrated My Lai war crimes prosecutions. He grew up in a family that raced trotters and pacers, including world champions Adios Don and Manton Hanover, and says he learned the valuable skill of shoveling horse manure at an early age.

Rod Raymond D.A.c.
Rod’s training in acupuncture began in 1985 at the California Acupuncture College in Santa Barbara, CA. In 1987, he received his clinical training in acupuncture and laser therapy certifications at the World Health Organization’s Open University for Complimentary Medicines, in Colombo, Sri Lanka. Rod subsequently received his doctorate in complimentary medicines (specializing in acupuncture) from this same institution in 1989.

Rod and wife, Maggie, operated a human acupuncture clinic in Mulege, Mexico from 1989-91.

Rod’s equine training and experience began in Mexico and continued in Del Mar, CA, where he was under the tutelage of equine specialist, Chris Ross, D.V.M.

Maggie O’Brien E.S.M.T.
Maggie is a graduate of the University of California at Santa Barbara, a certified Equine Sports Massage Therapist (EquiTouch Systems), trained laser and red light therapist, and certified Reiki Master (Sensei).

Rod and Maggie’s Bio-Energetic Therapies began on the Central Coast of CA in late 1991. They worked for seven years (1997-2003) on the “A” hunter/jumper horse show circuit, and regularly worked throughout Northern California, Oregon and Washington. In 2004, they made the decision to continue their work closer to home (Central Coast of CA). The team works in concert with a number of local veterinarians.

Janice Parker
Janice has been growing her own herbs and making her own tinctures since she was sixteen and has been rescuing and rehabilitating animals for the past 28 years.

In 1991, while Janice had a shop in Utah selling her clothing line, Canyon Clothing, she began rescuing dogs and keeping them behind her shop. Realizing there was a need for an animal control officer for the town of Springdale, Janice went to the city and offered to put kennels in her backyard in order to help abused, stray and unwanted dogs. She and a handful of individuals later formed the Zion Animal Lovers Humane Society and the first dog pound in Springdale, Utah.

Janice continued her healing work with animals by taking T-Touch Classes offered by Linda Tellington-Jones and became interested in working with homeopathic remedies, flower essences and essential oils. She not only healed herself, but healed many animals with these modalities and working with her natural herbs and home made tinctures. Realizing the incredible amount of horse abuse in her area, she then began working with horse. From 1994-1998 Janice worked in conjunction with Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in the rehabilitation of mammals.

She is a graduate of the Desert Institute and is a certified Shiatzu Practitioner. Janice has also studied Chinese medicine and Chinese food cures and is a second level Reiki practitioner. Janice is also a member of the American Oriental Bodywork Association (AOBTA).

In addition to her healing work, Janice has been designing and manufacturing her own clothing line and has been designing her own jewelry since 1988. Janice resides in Oregon with her ten dogs, three horses, two cats and three exotic birds.

Scott R. Meyer, CPA
Scott has been a resident of Tucson since 1969 and is a graduate of the University of Arizona as an undergraduate in 1975 and with a master’s degree in accounting in 1984. Scott has been a practicing Arizona CPA for 22 years, the last 11 being self-employed in his own practice. Scott specializes in providing tax, auditing and consulting services for individuals and small to medium size businesses and nonprofit organizations.

Scott has been active in the community service arena throughout his career, having been a member of the Kiwanis De Amigos since 1988 and has served on nonprofit boards such as Lighthouse YMCA, Friends of Saguaro National Park and HOPE. Through his church Scott is currently active in missions-related activities, including spearheading a quarterly service project for the Tucson Community Food Bank.

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