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For more adoption information please see our photos of horses available for adoption, or to apply for an adoption please see our adoption information page. You may also contact our main office at 520-398-2814 or e-mail Equine Voices at

For sponsorship information please see our photos of rescued horses needing sponsorship, as well as our sponsorship information page.


Twelve Burros Rounded Up And Saved By Equine Voices

Last week we received a call about twelve burros that were recently rounded up by the BLM. These burros were roaming the streets in the town of Pahrump, near Las Vegas Nevada. People were feeding the wild burros, which created a major problem for the burros and humans alike. A few were hit by cars. It took two years for the BLM to capture this family and they were held in holding pens prior to the sale. One was adopted, eleven were left. When I received the call, I thought about what might happen to these innocent victims, and where would they go if we didn’t step in. My biggest fear was that the mom’s and young babies would be separated and sent into the horrifying BLM system. We found a home for five, and decided to trust that if committed to all eleven, the funds and homes would appear, and the burros would be safe. Transportation was secured, thanks to Best Friends Animal Society who gave a grant to cover those costs. This rescue was successful due to a collaboration of several individuals, and would not have been possible without Terri Morrison of Perseverance Ranch Rescue, Paula Isenbarg, Ginger Grimes of Dust Devil Horse Sanctuary, Rubio Celso (hauler),Crystal Johnson of the BLM and Jen Reid of Best Friends Animal Society. A HUGE thank you to those who donated to this amazing rescue; Kay Shuper, Lori Janssen, Dorothy Stoops, Lynda Pierce, and all those who have offered to give these burros forever, loving homes. Sometimes it takes a village, and this village truly came together to make this effort a huge success.

If you would like to help feed and care for the burros until all homes have been secured. There are 3 ways of donating to this cause:

Call our office at 520-398-2814
Mail a donation to:
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary
PO Box 1685
Green Valley, AZ. 85622
Or Donate Through PayPal

Orphaned Foals Rescued from the Navajo Reservation

Cartori-in-trailer_web_400x598 Dakotah-Catori-Nikita_in-trailer_web_400x553 Navajo Foals

Photos courtesy of Wild for Life Foundation

Click here to read their story KVOA video of Equine Voices’ Rescue of Navajo Foals

Please help us by donating for feed and medical care for these orphaned babies.


90 burros need our help 90 burros need our help 90 burros need our help

90 Burros up for Auction – July 1, 2013 in Buckeye, Arizona.

There were a total of 71 burros that were rounded up and auctioned off. Many were pregnant jennies, jennies with newborns and jacks. Equine Voices is taking 17, 11 of which will be fostered until loving homes can be found. The other six have found permanent placement, two of which will come to the sanctuary. The auction was attended by another rescue group and several individuals who were there for the right reasons, and over half of the 71 were adopted. Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue has secured the remaining 29.

Equine Voices would like to extend a huge hug to all of you that stepped up to help us with this rescue, whether it be financially or actually taking them into your homes. We would also like to extend a special thank you to Karin Johnson, for attending the auction, Forever Home Donkey Rescue (Tom O’Neil-Carol & Scooter Grubb) and Jean Schroeder for taking time out of their day to transport our burros. Because of you, 17 little lives have been spared from an uncertain future. We will keep you posted on their adventure to Tucson, Green Valley, and Vail. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you.

Arrival photos of the Magnificent Seven

90 burros need our help

Tomahawk aka Tommie – 8/11/2012 On Saturday, August 11, 2012 we hooked up our trailer and made our way East to pick up Tommie. When we arrived, Tommie was standing alone in the corner of her filthy pen, and clearly had lost her desire to live. The scars on her legs and back are clear evidence of physical abuse. The sparkle in her eye was non-existent, and I wonder when she had last eaten a full meal, had clean water, received a warm touch, a grooming or a walk. It took us two hours to halter her, but once haltered I do believe she realized she was being removed from her horrible situation. Tommie will need some extra special care until we can bring her spirit back to life. We are looking for that perfect person to sponsor her.


Sylvia – 5/23/2012Sylvia was abandoned in Nogales, Arizona. She was released to Equine Voices  by the AZ Department of Livestock.


Tucker – 5/13/2012Tucker was rescued from a woman who saved him from starvation. He impaled himself on a t-post during a recent wind storm. Tucker is currently healing at the sanctuary.


Blaze – 3/7/2012 Blaze was rescued by Equine Voices on February 25th after receiving a  call from Rancho Resort. He is the 7th horse who wandered on the Rancho Resort community lawns in Sahuarita, Arizona. The management was worried that  he would hurt someone, get hit by a car, or them being sued.  This two year old cutie,  has been gelded and is now at the sanctuary being worked with. He was a wild little stud colt with no home, no name and no identity.  Blaze is small, but will make someone a wonderful companion horse and now has a home, a name and an identity.


Candy aka Trinket – 10/14/2011

Candy Candy's foot

Nikko – 8/31/2011

Whisper – 7/5/2011

Sundance – 5/12/2011 Sundance was found in the desert by the Border Patrol with hundreds of pounds on his back. He was turned over to the AZ  Livestock Department  when we got the call. We happened to have one spot available since we adopted Nala so quickly and brought him home. Sundance is a remarkable horse who now nickers when he sees people.


Nala Nala was found in the desert by Livestock on April 14th. Like many horses that are abandoned, Nala was extremely underweight and needs an extra boost of TLC and lots of groceries. Nala has been adopted and now lives in her new home in Flagstaff, AZ.

Nala Nala

Toby He is an 18 year old registered paint gelding. Very sweet, needs handling and has been ridden. He came to us after his owner was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Toby is ready for his new home.


Dreamcatcher and Delta Delta and her colt Dreamcatcher arrived to the sanctuary after we received a call from a friend who was concerned about the two horses. Their owners were going to ship them off because “no one in the area likes arabs”. Dreamcatcher was injured by a t-post which impaled him and left a hole in his cheek. This sweet youngster was never treated and the hole in his cheek still remains. These two wonderful horses will receive the  proper care and the necessary supplements they deserve, and eventually Dreamcatcher will receive surgery to repair his cheek.


Mikah Mikah’s owner was no longer able to care for her due to a terminal illness. A friend, asked if Equine Voices would give her and her friend “Sweetheart” her buddy the donkey, a safe place to live. Their fate was uncertain. Fortunately, we were able to say yes and took these two friends and sweet equines into our care. Mikah, is available for adoption, and is a gorgeous quarter horse mare. Her friend has taken refuge at “Forever Home Donkey Rescue”, in Benson, AZ and is living her life with many of her kind. Thank you Tish and John for giving a loving home to “Sweetheart”!

Sweetheart Sweetheart – A.K.A. Noelle – arrived with Mika. She has been adopted and lives with other burros and donkeys at Forever Home Donkey Rescue in Benson, AZ.

Annie Annie was rescued from Phoenix after she had been purchased at the auction. We were told Annie was ten months old, but in fact is closer to two. She has two club feet and is underweight. Annie was advertised on Craigs list for free or she would have been sent through the auction again, with a high risk of going to slaughter. She was rescued by Equine Voices in April 2010 and is safe and sound at a foster home in Phoenix. Thank you Gwen Cleary for helping us rescue this sweet girl!

Annie Annie Annie View of Star's club feet

Pirate Pirate is an older mini who was rescued after his owner had to find a home for him. He is in his twenties and will live his life at the sanctuary. Pirate has already captured the hearts of many of the volunteers and his barn mate Taylor.

Pirate trotting Pirate

Nicholas Nicholas was the sole survivor of a barn fire several years ago and received horrific burns to his back. As if that wasn’t enough, this sweet guy ended up in the wrong hands. He got a fungal infection on his back and also in his hoof. When he came to Equine Voices from Phoenix in October 2009, he was slightly underweight and had difficulty walking. It is with great sorrow, to announce that we lost Nicholas in December 2012.

Nicholas Nicholas, back view

Shiloh Shiloh is a beautiful, black mare who came to Equine Voices in February 2010. She was rescued from a ranch in Nogales, AZ, after we found out she was either going to slaughter or would be abandoned in the desert. Shiloh has been adopted and lives with Sedona in Tucson, AZ.


PMU Babies Denali, Leyla, Brandy and Ocho made the long trek from Canada to Southern Arizona in October 2009. Ocho has been adopted but the other three are still available. Make an appointment to come visit these sweet girls!

Denali Leyla Brandy

Sophie This pretty PMU mare came to Equine Voices in August 2009 after enduring many abusive situations. With some training and one-on-one attention, Sophie has made great progress.


Sedona Sedona was rescued from the Arizona Livestock Department in July 2009. She is older and gets along well with people and other horses. Sedona has been adopted, and lives with Shiloh in Tucson, AZ.


Miss Jenny Miss Jenny was rescued in July 2009 and made the trip from Phoenix to Amado with her best friend, Solo Vino. She is an older girl and is pretty shy around people.

Miss Jenny

Taylor Rescued on July 30, 2009 from the property of one of the most brutal “Killer Buyers” in Arizona. Equine Voices bought Taylor and took her to the Gilbert Equine Hospital where x-rays were taken and found her leg to be fractured. Full story, click here.

Taylor Taylor in surgery

Illusion Found in the desert. This beautiful mare found her way to Equine Voices when we purchased her at a local AZ Livestock Auction.


Smokey Joe Full story, click here. Smokey Joe – rescued July 3, 2009. Funds are desperately needed for “fixing his feet.” To donate to Smokey Joe’s fund please click the donation button.


Solo Vino Full story, click here.

Kachina Full story, click here.

Lorenzo, Jazz and Valentino UPDATE: All three were adopted in the Fall of 2009! On May 27, 2009, Lorenzo, Jazz and Valentino, three geldings, were rescued by Equine Voices. All were found by Arizona Livestock officers. It is believed they were used to smuggle drugs across the U.S.-Mexican border. Drug smugglers often pile pounds upon pounds of drugs on the horse’s back and, when someone comes to unload the drugs, the horse is left to fend for itself with no food, water or shelter. These three geldings arrived at Equine Voices thin and weak. Jazz, the palomino, had horrific sores on his back and hindquarters. The horses are now at Desert Springs Equestrian Center in Marana where they are being rehabilitated. Once they are well enough, they will be available for adoption.

Carlie UPDATE: Carlie was adopted in January 2010! At the end of January 2009, Equine Voices received a call from a woman who was concerned about the welfare of a horse in Amado, AZ. The horse was skinny, she said, and looked like her hooves hadn’t been trimmed in over a year. Within a week, Equine Voices had made arrangements to rescue Carlie. The gray mare’s owner agreed to give Carlie to Equine Voices so Jean, Equine Voice’s ranch manager, and Gina, a volunteer, brought her to the ranch. Upon arrival, one could see Carlie’s ribs and hip bones even through her thick winter hair. Her hooves had long been neglected and she was hungry so Equine Voices moved into action to give Carlie some TLC. It didn’t take long to see Carlie’s progress, and now she is a vivacious, beautiful dapple gray mare waiting for her forever home.

Diamond Rio Diamond Rio came to Equine Voices at the beginning of January 2009. He was found by Arizona Livestock officers lost and alone wandering in the desert. The signs indicated that he was used as a drug smuggling horse and may have been stolen off a ranch in Mexico. Rio is a very sweet and handsome 6-year-old gelding, but he has an old injury on his front leg that will prevent him from ever being ridden. He is available for adoption at Equine Voices and would a wonderful companion horse.

…More Rescued Horses at Equine Voices.