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Help For Sonny

Sonny was rescued in 2011 from starvation and abuse.The Paulden community came together to rescue Sonny and two other horses. Sonny was taken in by Jeff and Carol and has been cared for by them for over a year. Today, like so many other individuals, Jeff and Carol are losing their home. Sonny is a 9 year old, palomino stallion that is in need of surgery and a home. Sonny has an injury to his penis and cannot retract it into his sheath. The bottom eight inches were so severely infected that now it’s hard scar tissue. Arizona Coalition for Equines (ACE) has recently assisted this family by providing hay for Sonny and Equine Voices has committed to helping raise the necessary funds for Sonny’s surgery. Dr. Taylor of Arizona Equine will perform the surgery which is estimated to cost $2,000. Sonny will be available for adoption once he has healed from the surgery. Please help us help Sonny by donating to the “Sonny Surgery” fund. Any amount will make a huge difference for the future of Sonny.

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“Gulliver” & Friends

Babies Arrive Home For Christmas On Santa’s Equine Sleigh

On December 21st -2011, six babies arrived at the Sanctuary after a very long journey from North Dakota. Their route consisted of North Dakota to the State of Washington to California and finally to Amado, Arizona. Thankfully their drivers were Chuck and Miriam who drive for Bob Hubbard Transport made a huge difference for the foals, and created an environment for the babies that was beyond the call of duty. The foals we are speaking of are Eclipz #14, Echo #13, Noel #12, Magic #1, Neptune #4 and the only girl in the group #15, were rescued from a former PMU farm in Canada. Without the intervention of Anna Twinney – Reach out to Horses, Celine Myers – Arkwatch Foundation, Frank Weller – Angel Acres and Ray of Light, these babies, nine others and their mothers would have gone to slaughter. To view their arrival, click here.On February 20th, Anna Twinney will be holding a very special clinic to gentle the foals. The goal is to give these babies the right start, one that so many foals do not receive. Individuals from all around the world who have taken Anna’s courses will participate in a one of a kind “hands-on” clinic that will shape the future for these innocent babies..The clinic has been booked, however, any person interested in learning about the importance of teaching babies, in a gentle way, and how to interact with humans and how to adapt to a world far away from their natural instincts, should consider auditing this special and unique clinic. For more information Click here to visit our events page and read more about this clinic or you can also visit  Anna’s clinic page here. You may also contact us at info@equinevoices.organd 520-398-9312

How Can You Help?

Any amount, large or small will make a huge difference in the lives of these babies! Help us be a “Voice for the Voiceless” and let’s not let them go to slaughter. With your help we can bring these gorgeous foals home to safety and ensure they are far away from the clutches of the Canadian slaughterhouse.

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Thank you for helping us save these foals from slaughter, a fate I would have incurred if it weren’t for people like you!

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