What is Premarin? The hormone replacement therapy PREMARIN (PREgnant MARes urINe) and other products such as PremPro and PremPhase are taken by millions of women every day. The horses they collect the urine from live each day in cramped stalls too small to even lie down, they are denied free access to water, standing for up to six months in a “pee-line” with rubber collection cups hooked tightly around their urethras.

Wild Horses and Burros Today less than 25,000 wild horses and less than 5,000 wild burros are running free on our public lands, the lowest number in history, and daily, more and more are being extracted from lands that were designated as their homes.

Charreada or Charro Rodeo Probably one of the most inhumane events featured in Mexican Rodeos is the event of horse tripping, where Charros, the cowboys, on horseback show their skill by roping a galloping horse with the intention on bringing the horse crashing to the ground. They are allowed to rope and trip the horse as many times as they like.

Horse Slaughter Not only are Premarin mares, foals and stallions bound for slaughter, but it’s estimated that one third of slaughter bound horses are bred for racing. Horses removed from the wild through the BLM program, rodeo horses, camp horses, show horses, “backyard” horses, rental horses and stolen horses are all targets fort he “killer buyers” who act as middlemen for the slaughter houses. Making cat or dog food is not the reason for killing horses, the European and Japanese palate is.

Slaughterhouses Did you know that the two texas slaughterhouses, Bel-Tex in Fort Worth and Dallas Crown, in Kaufman had been slaughtering horses illegally and have been since 1949? Not until 2001, did someone complain that these two slaughterhouses have been violating the law for 45 years. Now, these slaughter plants have been shut down. However, slaughtering horses is far from over. Horses are still being shipped across the borders to Mexico and Canada. Many pro-slaughter groups are creating a movement to re-open slaughter plants in the United States. Please help us stop their crusade.