Treatment and Prevention

Strangles is the common name of a highly contagious Streptococcus infection found in young horses between the ages of 6 months and 5 years, although it is not restricted to those ages.

Signs: In the initial phase of Strangles, a young horse will look depressed, have a decreased appetite and will probably have a fever and nasal discharge. As the disease progresses, the infection becomes localized in the lymph nodes of the throat. These lymph glands can enlarge to completely impair breathing and swallowing.

Care and Management

Isolate any horse showing signs of Strangles.

Due to the highly contagious nature of this infection, it is as easily transmitted to other horses as a cold is in people. Any contact with the nasal discharge, such as sneezing, or the pus from the throat area will carry the infection. The most common ways this infection spreads are through shared water and feeding stations and through people transmitting it inadvertently by touching uninfected horses after tending one with Strangles.

Herbal treatment

Treatment must focus immediately on the reduction of swelling in the lymph glands and the elimination of accumulated pus to relieve the difficulty in breathing and swallowing. It is the swelling of these tissues that pose the most immediate threat to your horse’s life. The Streptococcus virus must also then be restrained to complete the recovery process and insure that your horse is not subject to the secondary complications that are so common with this disease.

Our Strangles Solution directs the herbs to the lymph nodes in your horse’s neck and throat while reducing the swelling and removing the accumulated phlegm. This herbal formula also reduces the fever and specifically inhibits the Streptococcus virus.

Due to the highly contagious nature of this disease, we also recommend that you use our Total Immune Health solution to support your horse’s immune system during recovery and for several weeks after all symptoms have resolved to protect against secondary complications. Total Immune Health is also recommended for any horse that may have had any direct or indirect contact with the infected horse.

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