Adopt a Horse

Give a horse a loving home!

Adopt a PMU mare or foal either through our adoption program here at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary™ or let us help you adopt a PMU mare or foal directly from a PMU farmer.  For featured mares and foals, please check out our list of adoptable horses – horses we’ve rescued; either from starvation, abuse or abandonment.  The adoption fee goes directly into a savings account to save more horses. By adopting through Equine Voices, you are saving more than one life!!  Click here to check out successful adoption stories.

For information not found below, call (520) 398-9312 with questions or e-mail .

Fill out the online adoption application form here.

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STEP 1: Find your beloved horse

STEP 2: Print and mail in the appropriate forms

STEP 3: Follow-up information

That’s all there is to it.

7 Reasons to Adopt a PMU mare, foal or horses saved from other situations:

    1. You are saving a life!
    2. You will know unconditional love.
    3. You can drink your coffee while your adopted horse happily eats breakfast! (That’s why I did it!!)
    4. You are making a positive universal statement.
    5. You will stay in shape….no gym needed!
    6. “Compassion” will be a common word in your household
    7. Most of all……you will give back to a special being that has served women and the pharmaceutical giants by giving them a second chance. Won’t you consider adopting a PMU mare and/or foal?

Adopting a PMU can be one of the most gratifying experiences and one of the best ways to help give back to the horses, not to mention saving a life. Did you meet our foundation herd? Gulliver, Bella, Deuce and Spanky wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for an open mind, a collective effort and the strong desire to save the lives of foals desperately in need.

On first observation of PMU foals is that they are smart, smart, smart!! They usually come untrained, not even having had a halter on. When taken away from their mothers, they are all grouped together in large pens and have minimal to no handling by their human caretakers. They are tagged with a number and fed in groups. The mares have had little training, they are mostly just halter trained, and know how to stand quietly, but that’s about the extent of their training.

Adopting a PMU is a big commitment, these horses are draft crosses and take additional care as they are different from your average horse, most of them growing up to be fairly large in size. If you are interested in adopting a foal, or mother that has lived her life on the “pee-line”, I hope you will work with these horses with an open mind, knowing you will be the first person to spend time building a relationship with them. This is one of the reasons why at Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary™ we are developing a series of programs to help potential adopters work with their PMU mares and/or foals in a natural setting and to offer alternative and natural methods of caring for their horse, the “whole” horse.

We are working collectively with other groups to find homes for PMU mares and foals bound for slaughter. Currently there are over 20,000 in need of a good home and in years to come there will be thousands more.

For more information please contact us.