Natural Horsemanship

Anna Twinney’s Natural Horsemanship Clinics

Anna’s Bio At the age of 17 Anna was an Assistant Compliance Officer for a leading French investment bank and commuted from Essex to work in London. She volunteered with the Essex Police Force as a Special Constable for the next 2 years, and in 1992 joined the Leicestershire Constabulary. During her 6 year tenure she was involved in investigative interview training, multicultural crime and major incidents investigations, including drug and surveillance, control room operations, rape and child victim investigations and became an on-the-job instructor and Constabulary Force Reviewer.

Anna purchased Carrie, a Thoroughbred Irish Draught mare and entered competitions including show jumping, long distance riding, cross country jumping and assisted at local riding schools with trail rides and remedial horses. Following a year’s sabbatical to participate in Monty Robert’s studies, she made the decision to resign from the police constabulary to follow her dream. For Anna Flag Is Up Farms and their horses – especially the wild Mustangs – became a university of learning. Following extensive studies into the unique “Language of Equus” she became an integral part of the research and development team for the Monty Roberts International Learning Center (MRILC). Qualified as one of only 16 instructors throughout the world, Anna was the only Head Instructor at the MRILC and has supervised several instructor courses, 9 introductory courses and numerous clinics over the past few years. She wrote the standard exams for both the introductory and instructor courses and has been instrumental in graduating 10 instructor students. Anna has a wealth of knowledge coaching in excess of 1,000 international students, including those with learning difficulties and physical challenges.

Demonstrations to the public and Corporations from all over the world has been another facet of Anna’s scope of ability. Anna cared for a number of horses, started and trained young horses in certain disciplines, maintained prescribed rehabilitation programs, and dealt with behavioral problems of remedial horses. She exercised and trained horses under saddle and handled young or untouched horses, including mustangs.

Anna’s mentor is internationally acclaimed horse trainer Crawford Hall, who worked with Monty Roberts for over 28 years. Anna has worked with other clinicians, Richard Shrake and Carolyn Resnick on natural horsemanship, Cindy Rackley and Carol Gurney on animal communication, and Dr. R. Miller on imprint training. She has a British Diploma in Equine Herbal Natural Remedies and Aromatherapy, and she has studied Reiki, “the Japanese art of hands-on healing”.

Anna’s passion is the survival and protection of wild horses, and she has been privileged to observe brumbies in their natural habitat in Victoria, Australia along with colleague Eric Godward. She has also assisted Neda DeMayo in Santa Ynez Valley at the wild horse sanctuary ‘Return to Freedom’ for the past 5 years. RTF is home to the American Wild Horse it is considered a living museum by providing a natural environment horses live in herd groups and students can observe natural wild horse dynamics.

Today Anna is part of the education program and plays a significant role in gentling mustangs for special care and foster homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

DO I NEED A LOT OF HORSE EXPERIENCE TO ATTEND? It is beneficial to have an understanding of and familiarity around horses, however it is not required that you have a particular level of horsemanship training to attend the Reach Out to Horses Clinics. These clinics are 3-6 days in length. The course is designed to give those both experienced and novices a deep and truthful understanding of the nature of human/equine relationships.

WHAT INSIGHT CAN BE GAINED BY WORKING WITH HORSES THROUGH ANNA’S METHODS? “…and I whispered to the horse; Trust no man in whose eye you do not see yourself reflected as equal” (Don Vincenzo Giobbe Circa 1700)

The most effective way to become a better horseman is to be honest and to be self-reflective. The horse is a mirror of our inner thoughts, beliefs, behavior & limitations. They encourage us to remember how to apply our intuition. They have a keen sense of intuition and an uncanny ability to sense the unspoken. In this clinic our job is to learn to lead them effectively through trust and consistency, their job is to tell us when we are effective and when we need to look within. In other words, “it’s not what your horse can do for you, but what you can do for your horse” that sets the tone for all of the interactions between equine and human during the workshops. This grounded, truly empathetic approach to working with another being develops a new paradigm in how we view ourselves – as we learn to think and understand the prey nature the horse reflects in us, we can balance our innately predator natures. By applying an intuitive lens to horses learn how to honor their mind, body & spirit.

DO I NEED TO BRING A HORSE? We accept 7 students with horses, plus a demonstration horse for Anna (to be charged as attendee). Suitable horses may be provided to participants for the level of comfort and experience they possess. If a participant would like to include one of their own horses in a session, they are to contact the host to discuss whether or not the horse would be appropriate to bring. If the answer is yes, the participant will be responsible for taking care of his/her own stabling at the hosting facility during the workshop. Horse sessions will involve groundwork and developing skills and ability to “read” the horses accurately.

WILL CERTIFICATION BE AVAILABLE WITH THIS PROGRAM? At this time there is no certification program available.

ARE SPECTATORS ALLOWED TO COME TO THE SESSIONS? The format is well-suited for spectators and we recommend up to 15 auditors for clinics and unlimited viewers for fund-raising events.