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2-Day Clinic with Anna Twinney, Equine Specialist, Animal Communicator & Energy Healer

November 10 & 11, 2016 – 10am-4pm (1 hour lunch break)

Thursday, November 10th, 10am-4pm (1 hour lunch break): Approaching Horses & TLC Training / Essential Oils for Horses

Morning – You are speaking to the horses every moment you are around them and they are listening to it all. The question is, “do you know what you saying?” Anna will begin the 2 day event by showing you how even the subtlest of movement or energy shift can have a huge impact on your communication with the horses. You will discover just how to carry yourself and approach any horse. No more chases in the paddock, struggles to catch your horse, or weird, unexplained behavioral changes. Then she will share her Trust-Based Leadership and Compassionate Communication methodology. This exclusive ROTH groundwork will not only teach your horse the crucial in-hand training that every horse must know, but it will also create, develop, and strengthen your horsemanship skills and the connection and partnership between you and your horse.

Afternoon – Therapeutic Essential Oils can have a major impact on the health, emotions, mindset, and well-being of not only your horse, but all beings. Although not a cure all, Essential Oils can have a huge and sometimes seemingly instantaneous impact, and Anna will introduce you to some of the most popular and effective oils, and the myriad uses for them. She will also show you how to apply them properly and safely in the care of your horse, yourself and all your animal companions.

Friday: November 11th: Equine Health Check / Nutrition for Horses

Morning – On the second day you will learn how to keep your horse happy, healthy, and pain-free. So many behavioral issues people come across with horses are a direct result of undiagnosed and unrecognized pain. You can’t expect optimal performance, or even a friendly disposition, from a horse in constant pain. Anna will take you step-by-step through the process she teaches in the ROTH Certification Foundation Course and the very practice she uses to make sure her horses are in the best physical shape they can be in. She will also reveal the critical warning signs and symptoms to watch for when evaluating your horse’s health.

Afternoon – Anna continues the topic of health in the afternoon as she discusses the crucial and sometimes controversial topic of nutrition. She will finish the day by covering both feed and supplementation and show you how to discover exactly what your horse needs for optimal health and well-being and the common mistakes people often make about the health of horses.

The usual price for this info-packed 2 day event would be $400. But we have arranged a special Equine Voices price for you of over 60% off!

If you register before September 15, 2016, the cost for the entire weekend is only $147.00, $199 after October 1, 2016. That is less than $15/hr for crucial, expert training and information that every horse person needs to know.

Space is limited so don’t delay. Register now by contacting the office at 520-398-2814 or emailing angie@equinevoices.org.


Equine Voices Fall Fundraiser: November 19, 2016

Our Fall Fundraiser is coming up in a few short months!
Madera Clubhouse at Quail Creek
2055 E. Quail Crossing Blvd.
Green Valley, AZ
Read more about it and register now!

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Millions for Tucson Mustang Raffle


To purchase tickets contact Angie at 520-398-2814 or angie@equinevoices.org


Equine Voices 4th Annual Spring Festival


Barn Dance and BBQ Fun-raiser
Saturday, March 11, 2017
(time to be announced)

Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary
1624 W Dove Way
Amado, AZ 85645

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