Sundance Has been Adopted

On Saturday December 6th, Sundance met his new forever friend Walter aka “Precious” when Amy Pleckeitis brought her horse Walter to Equine Voices to meet his new companion.

Sundance now lives with Walter at San Cayatano Ranch, in Tumacacori, on two acres of beautiful pasture, trees and freedom.

Thank you Amy, for giving Sundance a wonderful, forever home and companion!

2014_1215Precious & Sundance13

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Carol Grubb Getting “Gulliver” & “Pirate” Ready For The Holiday Open House Sat Dec 13th

DSCN1335Carol Getting Gulliver Ready


Carol Getting Pirate Ready


Click Here to visit our Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary Facebook to see a video of Gulliver & Pirate

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Decorating The Ranch For The Holidays


“We helped our wonderful volunteers decorate the ranch in preparation for Sat’s Upcoming Holiday Open House”

“Gulliver’s Helper”

Christmas Cheer (Monkey Business)Xmas Collage 1

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Ranch Decorating Day

IMG_3966   IMG_4064 IMG_3931

Another fun filled day was had by those volunteers who participated on Sunday, December 7th for our Holiday Decorating Party and Potluck. Our annual Holiday Decorating Party and Potluck prepared us for our upcoming Holiday Open House which will be held on December 13, from 11-3 at the sanctuary. The ranch now exhibits a festive and fun atmosphere in celebration of the holidays and the equines in our care.

With Potlucks come a wonderful variety of special food, friends and celebration. This year was also in celebration of Ted’s birthday.

Hope to see you again next year for another celebration!

With Gratitude and Happy Holidays!!


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The Candle Factory



On Wednesday, December 3rd, we gathered together to enjoy a beautiful evening to celebrate the joy and spirit of the holidays, fellowship, the horses and individual candle making. The Candle Factory is a unique candle boutique offering incredible candles of all scents, sizes and shapes. Owned and operated by Dominique and Christina Cooper, the candle factory has a festive atmosphere and is illuminated at night to celebrate this holiday season.

A percent of the day’s sales and evening proceeds have been donated to Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary in support of the horses in our care. For those of you who could not attend, we hope you are able to stop by the store and meet the owners Dominique and Christina and enjoy the scents of the season, or join us in February for a Valentine’s gathering in support of the horses.

For more information about the Candle Factory, log on to or call

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Carol Grubb getting Pirate ready for the Open House

Pirate and Carol getting ready for 14 Open House

                                And then this happened!!!!!!!!!!!!


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The Love Between A Horse And A Dog


Is this “Horse Love” or “Puppy Love”? We would say both

Love for a horse and a dog

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‘Happy Thanksgiving”

The Equine Voices Board of Directors, “Gulliver” & Friends would like to wish our staff, volunteers and supporters a Very Safe and Happy Thanksgiving.


gulliver-thanksgiving-turkey (3)

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Tucson Pet Expo

Equine Voices had a table at the Tucson Pet Expo. Here are a few pictures.

EV tables at Pet Expo  IMG_2547 (2) IMG_0879.JPG (2)

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Prayer for Divine Nourishment for Little Miss

Little Miss and karen leaving the hospital


Prayer for Divine Nourishment

(To be said silently or aloud to a sick animal companion)

Little Miss,

The Spirit of Divine Healing is your safety, nourishment, and strength.
The Spirit of Compassion looks upon you with love,
Touches you with healing hands,
Nourishes you with all that sustains you,
Enfolds you in a soft blanket of comfort,
Beholds you as a cherished child,
Relieves your pain,
Calms your distress,
And enables me to be a source of comfort for you.

-Annie Baker

When I say it a second time, I change the last line to
“And enables all of us at Equine Voices to be a source of comfort for you.”

When I say it a third time, I add at the very end:
“We trust that whatever you need
Will be revealed by Divine Mind
To the right people
At the right time
For your highest good.
Little Miss, you are loved.”

-Annie Baker

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