Update on Durango, Adopted in 2009

Why rescue rather than buy from a breeder?  These are current photos of Durango with his adopter’s daughter. She adopted Durango from Equine Voices as a yearling in 2009.  They have trained him to be an excellent trail horse and English flat class and jumper.

Durango Successful Adoption 2 Durango Successful Adoption 3 Durango Successful Adoption

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Pirate Has A New Personal Trainer

Pirate is working off the winter blues with his new personal trainer, Patches.  She’s a tough one but it looks like Pirate is up to the task! It is very important that horses move and apparently, Patches is aware of that.

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Meet Jemma!

Jemma arrived at Equine Voices November 19, 2015.  Jacob and JJ were very happy to see her as they had been separated for the last three weeks while Jemma’s hooves were being tended to.  All three are here today thanks to Celine Meyers of Ark Watch Foundation who saved them from a feedlot in Texas.

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Meet Jacob and JJ

Jacob and JJ arrived on October 31, 2015.  They were saved from a feedlot in Texas by the Ark Watch Foundation and transported here to be temporary visitors to Equine Voices.  After the long trailer ride, they just couldn’t help but drop and roll!  Kind of like “Kissing the Ground” in equine speak.  Stay tuned as their little friend Jemma should be arriving on Wednesday the 18th of November.  She is healing at an animal hospital in Texas.

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Dominic is Reunited with his herd!

Today, Dominic was reunited with his herd mates, Kona and Bindi Sue.  He is still healing from being gelded but as soon as it is safe, he will be turned out into the Burro Habitat with the girls. Rosie will also be added to their herd just as soon as her little feet are ready!

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Rosie’s Story

RosieRosie is one very lucky burro.  She was rescued by Celine Myers of Ark Watch Foundation from a feedlot in Texas right before she and her baby “Bunny” were going to be shipped to slaughter.  The feedlot was filled with other pregnant Jennies and Jennies that had already foaled. Rosie suffered from severe abcsesses in all four of her feet. The left rear was the worst one. Rosie’s baby, “Bunny” died shortly after her rescue. Rosie spent seven weeks at a vet clinic in Texas where she was treated every day.  Rosie arrived at Equine Voices on August 10th, and will be a sanctuary burro. Once she is healed, she will be integrated with Bindi Sue and Kona, and live her life in our new burro habitat. We are looking for sponsors to help us feed and care for Rosie. Won’t you consider sponsoring her?  To read Rosie’s full story please click Rosie’s Story as written by Celine Myers of Ark Watch Foundation.

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Thank you for the shout out Evention!

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/ygU078qDU08″ align=”left” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no”]

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Big Ben’s Walk

[iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/5jAbIM8TIYM” align=”left” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” parameters=”“]


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The Costs of Greed: The Premarin Industry

To the Rescue Premarin Industry

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One thank you from each of the 10 million farm animals in Arizona

A letter from Cathy LaSusa who was a leader in the charge against the animal cruelty law. 

Deep gratitude to each of you who took action to fight HB2150, the farm animal cruelty bill, which was vetoed yesterday afternoon by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey. It was his first veto since taking office, and it was to stand up for over 10 million animals!


Despite the power and wealth of the agriculture industry lobby here, the pressure from his own party caucus, and the bill passage in both the state House and Senate, Governor Ducey made the just, courageous, and compassionate decision to veto HB2150. If passed, this legislation would have eliminated or weakened all but one of  Arizona ’s current laws against cruelty to farm animals, among many other devastating effects. Led by the local and national humane and animal activist coalitions, assisted by other local, regional and national groups, and supported by thousands of advocates on the ground and nation-wide, our collective voices were heard and made the difference.

Please take a moment today to thank and share your appreciation with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for his compassion and leadership on this issue. For your information and to share, attached is his veto letter transmitted to the legislature yesterday.



Deepest gratitude,


(516) 459-5189 cell

p.s. For those of you who didn’t participate or take action this time around, your voices are still needed for the other current and future battles on behalf of billions of voiceless and defenseless animals, so please speak up.

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