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August 24, 2016 – Huffington Post
New thrift store supporting Equine Voices to open
June 30, 2016 – Huffington Post
Why Horses Need Our Help
Huff Post Impact


June 29, 2016 – Green Valley News & Sun and The Sahuarita Sun
Amado Horse Rescue Wins Big Grant

April 19, 2016 – Arizona Daily Star
Amado festival supports equine-rescue nonprofit
April 15, 2016 – Nogales Local News Now
April 13, 2016 – Telemundo Arizona
Video: El Abuso de Caballos del Narcotráfico
April 13, 2016 – KGUN 9
Thieves steal items worth thousands from local horse rescue
April 13, 2016 – Green Valley News & Sun and The Sahuarita Sun
Storage locker theft hurts non-profit group
April 5, 2016 – KVOA News 4
Horse charity devastated by burglary
August 4, 2015 – KVOA News 4
Outrage over scheduled round up of wild horses at Salt River
July 16, 2015 – KGUN 9 News
Horse Rescue’s Barn Sent Flying In Storm, “like flying razor blades”
July 16, 2015 – KGUN 9 News
Authorities Work to Solve Recent Animal Cruelty Cases
July 14, 2015 – KGUN 9 News
Severe Storms Damage Hay Barn

June 1, 2015 – Natural Horse Magazine
The Cost of Greed: The Premarin Industry

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May 6, 2015 – Green Valley News & Sun and The Sahuarita Sun
Gulliver & other rescued horses and borrows receive blessings
Feb 16, 2015 – KGUN 9 News
Equine voices completes new barn
October 8, 2014 – Green Valley News & Sun and The Sahuarita Sun
Rescue group helps save horses, history
August 14, 2014 – Huffington Post
Equine Voices: A Safe Haven for Abused, Neglected and Abandoned Horses
Huff Post Impact
June 10, 2014 – San Francisco Chronicle
Formerly wild burros find loving home on Arizona ranch
San Francisco Chronical
May 2014 – Bear Essential News for Kids
Arizona Virtual Academy
April 3, 2014 – Arizona Daily Star
Equine Voices event features music, auction — and big mascot Gulliver
Arizona Daily Star
March 12, 2014 – Green Valley News & Sun
Quite a ride: A history of Sahuarita’s wild horses
March 2014 – Bear Essential News for Kids
Speak for the Horses
BEAR Essential News for Kids
November 11, 2013 – KVOA News 4, Tucson
Video clip Orphaned Foals Rescued – Equine Voices’ Rescue of Navajo Foals

September 30, 2013 – Tucson Citizen

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March 2013 – Horse Sanctuary by Allison Milionis
Equine Voices is one of the featured sanctuaries in this very exciting book!
Video clip Video Trailer
Press Release
Book released March 26, 2013
Order now.Shop at Amazon


Jan/Feb/Mar 2013 – Natural Horse Magazine
To The Rescue-New Beginnings:Successful Equine Adoptions

October 31, 2012 – Tucson Morning Blend
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary with Karen and singer/songwriter Amber Norgaard

The Morning BlendSeptember 19, 2012 – Tucson Morning Blend
Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary with Karen and Carol

Oct/Nov/Dec 2012 – Natural Horse Magazine
Sanctuary & Loving Care

June 2012 – Trail Blazer Magazine
Noticing the Unnoticed
Pages 74-77: to go to the next page, click the bottom right corner of the page.

June/July 2012 – National Geographic for Kids
Horse Rescue

April 2012 – The Valley Equestrian News
Anna Twinney ‘Reaches out’ to foals

“The Band of Brothers” – a heroic story of a local rescue.
Video clip


March 27, 2012 – Tucson Citizen
Tucson: 10 reasons to go – Very Special Horse Event – March 31

Tucson WeeklyMarch 22, 2012 – Tucson Weekly
Overcoming Abandonment: The Great Recession has not been good to domestic horses

March 17, 2012 – Arizona Daily Star
Arizona Daily StarBenefit to aid horse owners struggling to pay for feed

January 14, 2012 – Horses for Slaughter
Interview with Karen Pomroy, President/Founder of Equine Voices by Samantha Elizabeth Esquivel.

Equine Voices Sanctuary Video by Abragail Kappel

Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary from Abragail Kappel on Vimeo.

Karen, Gulliver, CarolSahuarita Wild Horse Rescue Video 

Horse Sense: Oprah Replacement Therapy
Read “Horse Sense” article, picked as the number one pick by Robert Ebert with the Chicago Sun Times.

KVOA 4November 30, 2011 – KVOA News 4, Tucson
Horses to be slaughtered for human consumption in U.S.
Video clip  Watch the video

September 8, 2011 – KOLD News 13
Horse Starves Due to Owner’s Lack of Money

Green Valley News and SunAugust 13, 2011 – Green Valley News
Corral unlocked, wild horse gone

August 8, 2011 –Tucson Citizen
Equine Voices: Offering Hope and Help to Abused and Neglected Horses

July 21, 2011 – KVOA News 4, Tucson
Video clipCommunity rescues wild horses

NBC Nightly NewsJuly 20, 2011 – NBC Nightly News
Video clipAt Arizona ranch, abused horses rescued

Video clipGiving broken horses the gift class=”small-btn” of a second chance

July 16, 2011 – Green Valley News and Sun
Sahuarita horses off to new home

June 5, 2011 – Keka’s Blog
Horse Sense: Oprah Replacement Therapy

April 3, 2011 – Tucson Citizen
Horse Cruelty and Equine Voices Rescue Fundraiser – April 9 in Tucson

March 28, 2011 – Tucson Lifestyle Magazine
Tucson Event Page: A Very Special Horse Event

Tucson CitizenMarch 20, 2011 – Liberty Watch Radio
Interview with Carol Grubb and Charles Heller

March 18, 2011 – Tucson Citizen
Tucson Horse Fundraiser: Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary – April 9, 2011

Green Valley News and SunFebruary 12, 20011 – Green Valley Real Estate
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary in Arizona

February 7, 2011 – Daily Republican
Author Juanita Havill’s latest work: Call the Horse Lucky, a children’s picture book about horse rescue

November 6, 2010 – Circles of Change
Hearing Voices Across International Borders

Arizona Daily StarJuly 9, 2010 – Arizona Daily Star
Carrying hope instead of drugs – ABUSED HORSES FREE AT LAST

June 29, 2010 – Horse Talk
Second chance for horse victims of drugs trade

January 14, 2010 – Tucson Weekly
Burdened Beasts Yet another victim of the border debacle: horses used by smugglers

Meet your pet - adoption at Equine Voices

Click for a printable larger view.

Digital JournalMarch 20, 2010 – Digital Journal
Opposition to mares’ urine in HRT drug Premarin grows

March 11, 2010 – Unique Views of Nature
Video clipHighlights from the 6th annual fundraiser on March 6, 2010 in Tucson AZ.

March 10, 2010 – Arizona Daily Star
Probation for Marana mayor’s brother in animal cruelty case

GFASMarch 5, 2010 – Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries
Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary™ becomes first GFAS equine accredited sanctuary in Arizona

March 2010 – The Valley Equestrian
Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary: Saving Pmu mares, foals and more. “A Very Special Horse Event” (PDF)

February 24, 2010 – The Explorer
Fund-raiser aids horse sanctuary

Zocalo Tucson Magazine

February 23, 2010 – Zocalo Tucson Magazine
The sixth annual Fundraiser ”A Very Special Horse Event.”

February 12, 2010 – Talk of Tucson
Information about the horses and upcoming fundraiser at Equine Voices

KNST News Talk 790September 22, 2009 – Nogales International
Second Chances: Horses find new lives at Equine Voices

September 6, 2009 – Green Valley News & Sun
Get Up and Go, Green Valley!

August/September 2009 – Sombrero
Mare treatment unnecessarily cruel

August 2009 –
Video clip  Rescue group sees more neglected, abandoned horses

KVOA 4June 2009 – KVOA News 4, Tucson
Horses abandoned by poor economy

May 2009 – YouTube
Video clip  Equine Voices and Sanctuary Fights Against Horse Abuse

May 2009 –
True Cowboy magazineThe Reality of Horse Slaughter (PDF)

April 14, 2009 –
Tucson CitizenAnimal cruelty must be punished

April 9, 2009 –
Abandoned Horse Grabs Public’s Heart Strings

Oro Valley / Marana MagazineApril 2009 – Oro Valley / Marana Magazine
Kim Herman and the Desert Springs Equestrian Center

March 31 2009 –
Supporters Donate $14K for Abandoned Horse’s Care

Arizona RepublicMarch 26, 2009 – The Arizona Republic
Public gives nearly $14,000 to help abandoned horse

ABC 15March 9, 2009 – ABC 15, Phoenix
Video clip  $1,000 reward now offered in horse abuse case

March 9, 2009 – ABC 15, Phoenix
Video clip  Future brighter for horse left for dead in Mesa

February 27, 2009 – Equine Voices
Equine Voices Rescue-Rehabilitation-Recovery” Fundraiser

Nature ConnectionJanuary 23, 2009 – The Nature Connection
Wild Horses, Burros, and Natural Horse Care

January 14, 2009 – KVOA News 4, Tucson
Video clip  Horses abandoned by poor economy

October 2008 – Reach Out – In Horse Harmony Guest podcast Part 3
Karen discusses rescue facilities with Anna and Debra.

Access TucsonSeptember 24, 2008 – Tucson Citizen
Stanton: Horsin’ around for health, harmony

September 24, 2008 – KVOA News 4, Tucson
Video clipHorses Starved by Poor Economy

September 12, 2008 – The Nature Connection online radio show
Lisa Smith, Craig Downer and Nancy Reid interviewed Karen Pomroy, founder of Equine Voices

Reach out on in horse harmonyJuly 2008 – Reach Out – In Horse Harmony Guest podcast Part 2
Karen discusses horse slaughter with Anna and Debra.

AM 1330July 18, 2008 – Tucson AM 1330
Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary Live Commerical

Green Valley News and SunJune 18, 2008 – Passion and Mission: Hearing Voices across Borders
Circles of Change: Conversations with Dr. Zara Larsen on Change Leadership and Career Fulfillment. Guest: Karen Pomroy, Founder of Equine Voices Rescue and Sanctuary

June 18, 2008 – Reach Out – In Horse Harmony Guest podcast Part 1
Karen tells Anna and Debra what inspirited her to create Equine Voices, the rescue and sanctuary for Premarin mares.

May 6, 2008 – Green Valley News & Sun
DEVOTION TO HORSES: Equine Voices to celebrate birth of foals on Mother’s Day

KUAZ Arizona Public MediaMarch 7, 2008 – KUAZ, Arizona Public Media
Robert Rappaport brings us a look a the work of Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary… Arizona Spotlight

February 26, 2008 – Green Valley News & Sun
Non-profit group in Tubac saves horses from slaughter

Arizona Daily Star February 17, 2008 – Arizona Daily Star
New fund for euthanizations aims to prevent horse abandonment, slaughter in tight economy

November 12, 2007 – KVOA News 4, Tucson
Horses find sanctuary at rescue ranch

Encyclopædia Britannica Advocacy for AnimalsOctober 8, 2007 – Encyclopædia Britannica Advocacy for Animals
Menopause, Horses, and the Industry of Death

September 10, 2007 – Tucson Citizen
The fate of the Premarin mares

Tucson CitizenAugust 14, 2007 – Tucson Citizen
Don’t saddle horses to ease women’s aging

August 7, 2007 – Tucson Citizen
Stanton: Hormone therapy hurts women, horses

July 30, 2007 – Encyclopædia Britannica Advocacy for Animals
Ending Horse Slaughter in America

May 7, 2007 – Arizona Daily Star
Horses destined for slaughter find haven

Tucson Weekly March 29, 2007 – Tucson Weekly
Tucson Q&A

December 31, 2006 – Arizona Daily Star
Riding to the rescue of horses – Adoption group keeps equines out of slaughterhouse

The Global Dialogue Center
Exciting global network: please take the time to view Debbe Kennedy’s Global dialogue center

Overview of the virtual facility

Women in the Lead
…a unique resource center

Exclusive interview on Equine Communication in conjunction with Equine Voices, AZ

November 17, 2006 – KVOA News 4, Tucson
Arizonans rescue horses from Canadian feed lot

August 22, 2006 – Arizona Daily Star
Prempro trial judge delays jury selection (PDF)

July/August 2006 – Equine Wellness Magazine
Equine Voices Speaks Out for PMU Horses (PDF)

July 17, 2006 – Bridle & Bit

July 4, 2006 – Arizona Daily Star
Our Pets – Take Me Home (PDF)

June 16, 2006 – Green Valley News & Sun
Easy Living – Frankie needs someone to care for him (PDF)

June 13, 2006 – Arizona Daily Star
Our Pets – Adopt a Horse (PDF)

May 23, 2006 – Arizona Daily Star
Our Pets – Adopt a Horse (PDF)

May 16, 2006 – Arizona Daily Star
Our Pets – Greyhound day at bookstore (PDF)

Arizona Daily StarMay 2, 2006 – Arizona Daily Star
Our Pets – Adopt a Horse (PDF)

April 29, 2006 – Green Valley News & Sun
Arizona International Film Festival (PDF)

April 4, 2006 – Arizona Daily Star
Our Pets – Adopt a Horse (PDF)

Natural Horse
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary™ (PDF)

December 28, 2005 – Green Valley News & Sun
Equine Voices receives 20 rescued horses from Canada (PDF)

October 12, 2005 – Green Valley News & Sun
Rescued horses and troubled kids to find common ground in landmark program (PDF)

September 2005 – Quail Creek Crossing
Equine Voices Rescue & Sanctuary™ needs volunteers (PDF)

Quail Creek CrossingAugust 2, 2005 – Arizona Daily Star
Our Pets – They were almost wallets (PDF)

Green Valley News and SunJuly 29, 2005 – Green Valley News and Sun – Front page and Easy Living Section
Story about our 6 newly rescued PMU foals – by Annalyn Censky –

July 24, 2005 – KVOA News 4, Tucson Nancy Perla
Haven for horses in Green Valley

June 26, 2005 – Arizona Daily Star – Take Me Home – Annual Pet Adoption article
by Kim Matas –

June 8, 2005 – Green Valley News and Sun – Writers Retreat to benefit Equine Voices
by Kathy Engle –

May 25, 2005 – Arizona IllustratedKUAZ Arizona Public MediaEquine Voices by Pam White
Real Player format (6 min. 15MB)

NBC News 4 Tucson
Video clipClick for the news clip: Windows Media Player formatReal Player format

CW TucsonMay 2005 – WB58 Tucson
Video clipClick here for the news clip: Windows Media Player format

WB58 Tucson
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KIIM Country FavoritesApril 3, 2005 – KIIM FM – Tucson in Review – Betsy Bruce Morning Show
Click here to listen to the show.

March 8, 2005 – Tucson Citizen – By Paul L. Allen –
Over 400 letters were delivered to congressional members asking support to co-sponsor bills H.R. 503 –

March 7, 2005 – KVOA Channel 4 – Tucson – News Story

KVOA 4February 5, 2005 – KVOA Channel 4 – Tucson – News Story – By Jennifer Reardon
“Today, a group, trying to give these animals a voice… held a fundraiser to educate the public”

December 13, 2004 – KVOA Channel 4 – Tucson – By Karl Bierach

November 17, 2004 – Arizona Daily Star – By Sarah Garrecht Gassen

Green Valley News and SunNovember 15, 2004 – KVOA Channel 4 – Tucson – 10 PM News Story – By Jennifer Reardon
Video clipOr for just the live coverage click on KVOA Video (6 MB .wmv file, may take a moment to open)

November 10, 2004 – Green Valley News & Sun – Diversions Section – By Kathy Engle
Click here to read the Green Valley article (PDF)
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